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Old 06-12-2006, 08:09 AM
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Post Lebanese president urges rival blocs to unite on forming national unity cabinet

Lebanese president urges rival blocs to unite on forming national unity cabinet
UPDATED: December 06, 2006

Lebanese President Emile Lahoud has urged both rival blocs to join hands and form a national unity government to break the present political deadlock and overcome critical conditions, his press office released Tuesday.
"The cabinet of national unity which will include all Lebanese parties would be able to resolve all pending matters in Lebanon," said Lahoud in an interview with Abu Dhabi television which was released by his press office on Tuesday.

Lahoud also called for endorsing a new electoral law and carrying out parliamentary elections.

Commenting on the large demonstrations taking place in downtown Beirut since Dec. 1, Lahoud said, "This shows that there is a large segment of the society which considers the cabinet of ( Lebanese Premier Fouad) Seniora constitutionally illegitimate."

Lahoud made it clear that the goal was not to topple the cabinet, but to form a cabinet of national unity to allow the participation of all Lebanese parties in decision-making, adding that "we will not allow the outbreak of civil war in Lebanon."

Lahoud, a close ally of Hezbollah, has reiterated that the Seniora government was not legitimate anymore after six pro-Syria ministers resigned last month after Seniora and the anti-Syrian majority in parliament rejected the opposition's demand for a new national unity government.

Source: Xinhua

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