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Old 12-03-2007, 10:19 AM
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Post Osama Turns 50; on the Internet!

Osama Turns 50; on the Internet!
Techtree News Staff Email Print
Mar 12, 2007

Dead or alive, Osama Bin Laden still rules...
On the occasion of the Al Quaida leader's supposed 50th birthday on March 10, several Islamic Web sites were flooded with videos and photos of- and pledges of allegiance to- the terror king pin, the Associated Press reports.

That he still exists as a militant symbol, is evident from some of the paeans posted online by his followers.

One Abu Yacoub posted a picture of Laden with helmet and Khaki military uniform - possibly from his days as a soldier in Afghanistan nearly twenty years ago, and wrote, 'Osama turns 50. God protect our leader, our Sheik. God reward him for his words and actions'.

Another message titled 'Manhattan invasion', featured 9/11 footage of the attacks on the US. One more contained a poem in praise of Laden.

A spokesperson for Afghanistan-based US troops reacted saying people around the world, especially those in Afghanistan, should instead take a moment to remember all the innocent people who were killed/injured in the terror strikes.

Like most things about Osama, his exact birth date is not known, although sources suggest he was born either on March 10 or July 30 of 1957 in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

After Osama went missing, hundreds of search operations have been conducted by US-led coalition troops, but in vain. The trail is believed to have gone cold, with speculation rife that Osama is dead.

However, the religious fundamentalist did appear in a video on Oct 29, 2004, in a warning to the US. Several audio tapes have been posted thereafter on Islamic Web sites, the last of them in July, but in all of these, Laden sounds tired - even ill.

If reports are to be believed, there are an estimated 5,000 Web sites devoted to the spread of Islamic extremism. To the extent that at the US Military Academy at West Point, cadets are now being taught to recognize the power of the Internet as the all new weapon in the hands of extremists...


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