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Default Arugula (Gharghir) (Jarjir)


By Julie Sochacki

Nutritional Notes: Arugula is packed with folate (folic acid) and calcium. Arugula also contains cancer-fighting phytochemicals called indoles. Arugula's dark green color and tart flavor are an indication that it also contains some beta-carotene and vitamin C (more than any other salad green).

Preparation Notes: Unwashed arugula can be placed in a plastic bag and then refrigerated for storage. When you are ready to use it, cut off the tough parts of the stems by cutting across the whole bunch with a sharp knife. Separate the leaves, drop them into a basin of water or in a salad spinner and swish them around to remove any dirt. Lift out the leaves leaving the dirty water behind and shake or spin them dry. Arugula may require two to three washings.
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